Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Me and Bob Dylan and the CIA ?

Favourite fanciable men
Seal, Lenny Kravitz, Morgan Freeman, Robert Cray, Lenny Henry with whom I once danced all night, Bob Dylan to whom I cannot send my wee book even though I have dedicated it to him as well as my grandson Peter.

Honestly, I looked up the address of his agent and Google said Ah, Avenida of the stars, LA something or other and I sent it off. Then I got this weird phone call from America asking for my address in Scotland so that they 'could deal with my request'. It never occurred to me to ask the friendly girl lots of witty questions; it was just too hilarious hearing her pronounce Yetholm in American. Once the phone was down, I freaked a bit. Could I see plants moving about outside in the dusky evening, people hiding behind them to spy on me? Is that what happens when you want to speak to Bob The Man? You get checked out by the CIA?
Danny de Vito, Placido Domingo (I got over Laurie Lee!)

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  1. Yeah how about posting more about Laurie Lee, he is kind of relevant to this gig right?