Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bit more about me and how I got this far...

Heinke Pauly was born in Hamburg but ran away from home the day after she left school to live in sin with an Englishman in Moss Side (An "experience, but handy for the hospital"), Manchester.

They moved via Lewis in the Hebrides to a remote Orcadian Island, where the native sheep eat seaweed and can swim. After almost ten years, time for a change of direction and she left those romantic shores, and went to study in Edinburgh.

It was known at the time as Europe's 'Capital of AIDS' and she wrote a film script addressing the issue of HIV+ women, as well as a few short stories. Once her three children had become independent survivors, she went for a short trip to Spain, only to end up living there.

Enthusiastic hill walker and choir singer, she is currently learning the art of sailing.

Next Post: Update on my book!

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