Friday, 4 June 2010

Back in the UK (for the summer)

Wow, back in the UK after a  trip back through Spain which was uneventful except that at the Picos de Europa I drove directly into a cloud, visibility nil, 2 minutes from the invisible top I lost my nerve, nearly panicked but managed to turn the car round and get back down. Phew. Then it rained and Misty crashed the insect net door of the tent so we shared a joyous night in the company of buzzing mosquitos.
In Santander we had to take the dog to another vet because the Torre vet had misclaculated the departure time by 2 hours, 30 euros please bla bla so we could make the boat - typical!

Well, then came the drive through hell: The M6 was totally traffic jammed what with it being friday, bank holiday, roadworks, accidents etc. 
It took 12, yes twelve hours to get to Edinburgh.
Today we actually have sunshine hurray and I have just watched my grandson dancing flamenco with his schoolmates. Oh joy, lots of parents taking pictures of their little darlings dancing in a circle...
My son, Luke, tells me he can record me, (for an audio book version) so that's cool. 
What I have done? Well started to do, is scraping polystyrene tiles (do you remember them from the seventies?) off the bathroom ceiling. It's a pig of a job and everything gets covered in the little white bubbles. Meantime the dog has a daily roll in badger s**** by the river and then sneaks into the house to attract hundreds of flies. Ah, life in the country! 
But soon back to writing.............more to follow.

PS The first print run has sold out, 2nd reprint (without errors) happening as we speak............

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