Sunday, 11 April 2010

Camping With Wolves - another review

Review of Heinke´s book CAMPING WITH WOLVES (Written by Joy Lennick)

CAMPING WITH WOLVES is a “smiley” book, to enjoy while curled up on a couch, or while lounging on a sun-kissed beach.  It soon becomes plain that author, Heinke Pauly,
is not your average German Frau!   On reading ´As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning´ by Laurie Lee,´ Heinke immediately fell in love with the dead poet, and decided to follow in  some of his footsteps, backwards.  (You have to read it!)  Suffering a spartan diet of mostly tomatoes and sardines, our author travels in her ´red rust bucket´ accompanied by her faithful blue merle border collie, through ever changing scenery.
Heinke meets interesting, sometimes odd strangers, stays in camp sites – their only stars above her head!  She has fun with her Spanish: Pero estoy muy embarazada de mi cara (But I am very pregnant of my face) referring to a cold sore on her face like a small tortoise… Name places such as Archivel, Los Odres, Caravaca , and Calasparra et al march across the pages, as do her many adventures. Spanish history and fiestas feature, and of course Don Quixote appears.  The “free spirit” which embodies Heinke Pauly  is imprinted on each page.

                                                                                                                        Joy Lennick

Thanks Joy - great to get a review from another published author!

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  1. Well done another great review, heard through the grapevine (at Wordplay actually) sales are going well - Congrats!!